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The first long-structure and evolutive art project on the blockchain

Start your NFT journey.

Where 999 hand-drawn NFTs from an exclusive collection roam the Ethereum network. Join Art On now to celebrate the natural splendor of the wave and use a variety of amazing tools that will greatly enhance the engagement and culture of the arts.

Enter our

An exclusive NFT collection of 999 hand-drawn artworks by nine artists who bring brilliant art and cultural progress to their great community members worldwide.

We understand who we are.

Art ON is an association of artists that purports to change the way we have interacted with art so far. Did you imagine being able to access art with your NFT? We bet you didn't. We have, and for this purpose we introduce you to Art On NTFs.

The Art On NTFs that get non-participants in the NFT community to participate. We are building this project all over the world, giving everyone the opportunity to understand what is dear to us, our values and our culture, just as art moves around the globe and blesses life. Art On is designed to bring everyone into NFT.

We know where the journey is going.

Thomsen, a global leader in audience insights, data and analytics, has shown that over 60% of people love art, and this is because art sends a sensation to our brains that makes us happy. Art On is designed to bring together NFT and artwork collectors and non-collectors, art lovers and every curious person on Earth in this global community.

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